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Provide a variety of solutions suitable for each purpose of businesses and individuals

Web App

Web app is the solution to many existing problems in the business model at a much lower cost than other platforms and especially with high efficiency and direct interaction with customers. Ladifire with many years of experience in designing web apps for many businesses and fields in full support

  • Consulting suitable web app solution
  • Runs on multiple devices, platforms and browsers with no installation required
  • Optimal management and decentralization, limited to each location to ensure work
  • Statistics, quick reports - intuitive.

App Mobile

Build mobile applications with the most modern technology and languages on both iOS and Android platforms. Helping businesses develop brands, win sympathy from customers and solve many problems that the website has not been able to do.

  • Consulting on building UX mobile interface
  • Consulting features, solutions for app development 
  • Build package and sync from Website – Web app – App
  • Get on-demand technology research and development

Custom software design

Ladifire is a programming company with a highly specialized team with many years of experience, specializing in Outsource - writing own software according to business requirements. We are currently a partner of many businesses in Vietnam – developing a variety of software in many fields: transportation, education, etc. In addition to software, we also receive Outsourcing from design files of various forms to delivery. website, app

  • Software consulting for businesses, Startup
  • On-demand software development on multiple platforms
  • Build an easy-to-use, statistical management system
  • Support editing, developing, upgrading as required

Management solution

Ladifire provides solutions on existing systems for customers. Just register and activate an account with low cost and convenient management on any device that customers have. Available software includes:

  • Measurement software Website & Landing page
  • Sales management software
  • Sales closing management software
  • Shipping Management Software

Out Project

After more than many years of operation, the software company has launched management solutions products to use immediately for customers and programming on demand for many customers on the Web App, Applications, Private software.

Out Product

Summary of typical projects designed by Ladifire

Our partner

Over many years of serving customers, what helps us to stand firm and constantly develop until today is the trust from our customers, and never let that noble trust help us become a company. today.


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